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On Shadow Pete we will shadow Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Holland). Our goal is to compile the largest online repository for information on Pete Hoekstra and his cover up of information on the Mariana's Islands, Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham and other issues.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006
What's Pete up to?
I think this is possibly the strongest indication yet that Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mi) is positioning himself to run for U.S. Senate against Carl Levin in the 2008 election cycle.

Hoekstra calls for replacing GOP leadership

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

By Ed Golder


Republican Party leaders -- including Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis -- should be replaced after last week's election losses, said U.S. Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Holland. "After you get whacked, you need a clear change in leadership," Hoekstra said Monday. "You need a fresh look. You need that at the national level and you need that at the state level."

Hoekstra joins a growing number of Republicans who have targeted Anuzis in the wake of defeats. Last week, officers of the Kent County Republican Party wrote a letter to activists calling for the ouster of Anuzis and supporting local 3rd Congressional District Chairman Dave Dishaw for the job. Anuzis and Dishaw will face off at the February Republican convention in Grand Rapids. Also, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman announced last week that he would leave his post at year's end. Hoekstra addressed a range of issues in an interview with The Grand Rapids Press editorial writers Monday. Hoekstra will lose influence and profile as Democrats take control of Congress. After January, when Democrats will have majority in the House and Senate, he will no longer be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He blamed the Republican defeat on President Bush and Congress, especially their handling of the war in Iraq. "People just perceived Republicans and the president as locked too firmly into a strategy that's not working," Hoekstra said.

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Detroit, who will become chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has vowed to reintroduce a non-binding resolution endorsing a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq to begin within six months. Hoekstra expressed concern about a quick withdrawal. "Is Carl committed to winning the war in Iraq?" he asked. "Is Carl committed to winning the war against radical Islam? We'll find out."

Hoekstra expressed hope for the Iraq Study Group, headed by former Secretary of State James A. Baker III and former Democratic Congressman Lee Hamilton. The group's report, expected by year's end, will give"an honest assessment of where we are today -- what'sworking and what's not -- in a nonpartisan environment," Hoekstra said.

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posted by Pokerbear @ 3:25 PM  
  • At November 1, 2008 at 11:23:00 PM PDT, Blogger Bob van Ee, a DAD said…

    Is there a men v. women referendum in the 2008 election cycle?
    Simple answer to a simplistic question: yes. Of course American women are not a monolithic block, voting in lock step anymore. Sometimes it has been written “good men and women of faith” with others ignored. Americans in 2008 should by now have heard of feminists, feminism, femini-nazis, radical feminists’ and the maternal revenue service; still American Women are not a monolithic group nor are American men.
    Pro abortion, incessant demand for child support, VAWA and equal pay for equal work tend to be associated with feminists. End of misandry or Father bashing, Boyz Crisis, Child Custody and parenting time tend to be associated with men. As there are various types of women, so to, there are different types of men: masculinists, anti-misandrists, Fathers Rights advocates, shared parenting advocates.
    2008 has an American Presidential election, various elections for United States Senators and Representatives, representatives and senators for various state assemblies, judges and other local positions. In the several hundred elections being conducted, principally, November 4, 2008, no candidate has explicitly stated I am pro feminist or pro masculinist.
    2008 US Presidential Race:
    Obama articulates his position, first by saying “I was shaped more by my Father’s absence, than by his presence”. Obama authored the Responsible Fatherhood Act (mentions child support sixty-five times), explicitly endorses “women’s choice”, supports VAWA, and, speaks of families most often as “a single mother and her children”. Obama’s Vice Presidential mate, Joe Biden is the author of VAWA.
    McCain asserts that abortion and Father’s Rights are best left to the States. The Republican Party appears to be pro-life, against VAWA and in the summer of 2008 congressional republicans passed the Child Support Collection assessment fee to custodial parents. We could simply view Republicans speak often about Social Security Reform, far too often men fail to realize that Social Security Act Title IV-D et al take substantial monies from the Social Security Fund (no longer a Trust since LBJ in 1964) to pay for TANF, Child Support Collection Systems and incentives, as well as other non-retirement expenditures. The republicans did have Boy Scouts at the RNC National Convention and at the announcement of Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate. The Department of Justice no longer accepts Duluth as a therapy for domestic violence, and Minnesota Program Development, copy right owner of the various published power and control wheels, dropped its published call “for and end to patriarchy and establishment of an equalitarian society”.
    2008 elections in Michigan
    In Michigan, long time Father’s Right supporter, Michigan Representative Jack Hoogendyk is challenging U.S. Senator Carl Levin a long time defender of VAWA for one of Michigan’s US Senate seats. The entire Michigan House of Representatives is up for election, incumbents Kevin Green, Dave Agema, Fulton Sheen, Rick Jones, Tome Pearce, Arlan Meekhof and others have all sponsored or co-sponsored Father Friendly legislation. Justin Amash running for his first term in the Michigan House of Representatives explicitly states his endorsement of Father’s Rights as do two Circuit Court Judge Candidates seeking office for the first time, Kevin Cronin and Brian Downs.
    2008 elections across America
    Men seem to be notorious for not working or voting together on Public Policy, in Michigan, you may need to ask one hundred guys before one could tell you of a pro male or pro Father candidate.
    Is your candidate opposed to abortion, VAWA, spending social security dollars on non-retirement expenditures? Is your candidate in support of FairTax, shared parenting, Father Custody, advocating for and end to judicial creation of laws? You may have a pro male or pro Father candidate entered in elections you will be a part of.
    Why a referendum at al?
    At this moment buses in Dallas Texas are driving around with Father bashing domestic violence posters for all to see( DART): misandry in America, indeed across the globe, hurts all males individually and as a group. Prosecuting attorneys in California are arresting family members of Dads who have a child support arrearage, for assisting criminals.
    As American men, we may disagree on pennant races, or the economy, even which soda pop we prefer; the examples are countless, mi hermanos, brothers, bruders: only by standing in solidarity will we end misandry in public policy and social perception.
    Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.
    Obama/Biden: Escalating the War on Fathers and Families

    John Maguire
    Biden’s nomination allows us to put his VAWA law, and all its family-killing provisions, in a national spotlight. (High-five!)

    Carey Roberts
    Sen. Biden’s VAWA Cover-Up

    Pro-male philanthropy
    Instead of United Way, Give to MND

    Glenn Sacks (on the DART debacle)
    CAMPAIGN ROUND 2–Contact Dallas City Officials!

    Bernard Chapin
    Rejecting Obama — For the Right Reasons

    antimisandry dot com


  • At November 9, 2008 at 4:26:00 PM PST, Blogger Bob van Ee, a DAD said…

    Agenda 2010
    Is it too early to be thinking of 2010, probably not and especially if we begin now. Not only is 2010 worth noting for the Boy Scouts of America Centennial Anniversary, but also due to the wide spectrum of offices and initiatives that will be voted upon forming a new Social Contract for how We the people agree to self govern ourselves that will be formed. This is written in three parts [1] bare bones agenda outline (Planks in the Platform), [2] communicate this to President-elect Obama with a portal link at: How to tell President-elect Obama, and, [3] explanations and footnotes.
    I humbly assert that consensus on our agenda should be easily reached, if at first glance you disagree, please be kind enough not only to view the explanations and footnotes but to thoroughly follow all the links, an informed people is most effective. Communicating these thoughts to President-elect Obama is both an act of good faith and an act of goal setting. Finally, the explanations and footnotes are worth the time it takes to become more familiar with things we assume to understand and take for granted, possibly in our ignorance (devil IS in the details) we have been misled from our goals.

    Planks of the Platform
    [1] Fathers, Marriage, less government
    [2] Social Security
    [3] VAWA (Violence against women Act)
    [4] Values, misandry
    [5] Economy/ Federal Budget/ Corporate Leadership
    [6] We are America

    Tell President-elect Obama
    President-elect Obama, you have said first that you were “shaped more by your Father’s absence than your Father’s presence”, and that, “we are not red states, we are not blue states; We are the United States” (and from that I hope to interpolate the concept of We are the Great United People of America: Team America). Mr. President-elect Obama you have also written “Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today.”
    [1] Fathers, Marriage, less government
    President-elect Obama you have written that “studies have shown the critical importance of Fathers to their children’s development”. Peer reviewed empirical evidence supports your remarks. For four decades we have attacked Fathers, Marriage, Families and ultimately Children. Of course our children need a safe secure stable environment to develop, dream of hope and become those adult citizens who will infuse our nation with new vitality. Our public policy should insure children have both parents actively in their lives, where we protect marriage and families and end institutional divisiveness that tears the very fabric of our American Society. America has been and should be the light on a hill where we protect children born and unborn. Misanthropy, misandry, self hatred, hate let us turn from that and embrace each other and our own great Team America. Our children deserve the freedom to be kids, to dream, to have hope.
    [2] Social Security
    Mr. President-elect We the American People view Social Security as a base line retirement income program for retired Americans. The compiled Social Security Laws have become encumbered and engrossed with social programs that have nothing to do with retirement, we need to separate non retirement programs out of the Social Security System and let them stand on their own merits, re-establish the Social Security monies as a Trust and simplify individual American’s retirement planning.
    [3] VAWA (Violence against women Act)
    President-elect Obama, when killed by a single parent, 71% of our children are killed by their Mother1. There have been efforts to make VAWA gender neutral, to address domestic violence regardless of sex, to accept the peer reviewed empirical evidence demonstrating violence perpetration by both sexes, and to end the self fulfilling prophesies of domestic violence. Our children need a safe nurturing environment; political diatribe in the guise of public policy has not strengthened those conditions. Please strike Violence against women Act from the Laws of our land, and, put in its place a Domestic Relations Stability Policy addressing the violence and disruption of families perpetrated by both sexes.
    [4] Values, misandry
    Mr. President-elect, you have said “our families are the cornerstone of our society”, well done! Others have petitioned our federal government and that of the individual states seeking to codify that simple, common sense thought into Public Policy and Administration. Failing to bolster American Families we have codified misandry into Public Policy, marginalizing Marriage, Family, Fathers and ultimately our children. VAWA is misandristic, it erroneously, asserts all domestic violence is perpetrated by males, (CDC researchers have found that most cases of domestic violence do not fit the standard stereotype2) the Responsible Fatherhood Act seeks more child support monies into the system rather than encouraging Father Involvement, No-fault Divorce marginalizes the whole concept of the Institution of Marriage and the Federal Government spends retirement dollars to assault American Marriage, American Fathers and American Children.
    [5] Economy/ Federal Budget/ Corporate Leadership
    President-elect Obama America has diminished its collective estate (collective savings), children in public schools are supported by the property taxes of first their Father and then that of their Mother. Since the 2000 census, we are aware now that the majority of children are raised in single Mother Households: houses are not homes; houses are not a form of personal savings but rather another redistributed asset in the Federal system. Many American Fathers are dead broke; many American Mothers either can not or will not save: not only is that an expression of our National values but seven fouled sparked plugs in our National Economic engine and our federal deficit is the eighth fouled plug.
    We can pass to the States abilities to promote American owned business and avoid international trade disputes; instead we have focused national public policy on misandry, destruction of families and squandering our national wealth.
    We the people need first to exist as individuals, we have our own dreams and hope for ourselves and our posterity, not as a means to support a National budget: the Federal Budget must be reduced.
    We need compassionate, honest and ethical leadership in our American Corporations, we should also take steps to return ownership of corporations domiciled in America to Americans. With a national public policy espousing misandry, misanthropy and meopia, we can see how we may have encouraged some corporate leaders to think only of themselves: our national values imbue our entire social fabric with sociopathic tendencies.
    [6] We are America
    We are a sovereign people; we have a right to our mutual prosperity and that of our posterity. When the Eagle landed on the moon, astronauts who were Boy Scout Eagles in their Youth made a great leap for mankind, as Americans we have every right to be proud of that. We the American people brought peace and stability through World Wars One and Two, and may do; in Arabia what no one else has managed to do in recorded history. We are innovative and hard working we have every right to take pride in that and to promote that. Chesty Puller (USMC) took the time to study history, that of our current (at that time) allies and our potential foes, he read Sun-tzu almost a century ago and predicted that if our foes could not dominate us with military warfare they would instead implement economic warfare: Chesty was correct. Of course we need strategic initiatives for our national security to protect trade, patents and copyrights. In the face of economic onslaught we need to stop tearing ourselves apart through misandry, separating children from Fathers, destruction of our Families and marriage. Win with humility to be sure; America is not the globes economic engine but a dynamo: we must stop draining our current with nationally supported social divisiveness and redirect that current to building ourselves up.
    How to tell President-elect Obama
    President-elect Obama asks: “Where should we start together?” and offers a portal for your comments here:
    I will simply copy and paste the comments above; others may have comments of their own, alter, modify or expand the comments above. A new social contract, between each of us and including all of us, is being drafted. Whether this new Social Contract is put forth by The President-elect or ignored and put forward by someone else, now is the time to join the conversation. Whether you supported President-elect Obama’s election or opposed it, the Social Contract is in draft form at this moment, voice your thoughts in the formation of this national policy and determine if your thoughts were heard.

    Explanations and footnotes
    [1] Fathers, Marriage, less government
    One could simply use Dog pile dot com or any other search engine to research “Father’s Rights” or “Fathers”.
    Many studies are parked here
    West Michigan DADS files
    or here
    West Michigan DADS
    Individual links here:
    1.01 Hubin Bauserman2.pdf Father.FatherInvolvementReducesSchoolViolence_Accessible.doc July 24 Father's Rights - Schlaffly.doc Sexual Activity and Father Absence.txt
    1. Committment.pdf 4 Fink rebuts Wallerstein.pdf fab_brav_den.pdf Georgia General Assembly Paternity Law.doc
    2. APA.pdf 6 Hubin Parental Rights.pdf 8. Coles.pdf A case for Father Involvement draft1.pdf
    DADS Dads Against Discrimination
    7. American Family Life in the new millenium -Dr. Michael T. Ross.doc
    [2] Social Security
    The problems and shortfalls we have described above are the result of limited resources, increased demand for our core services and new responsibilities. Adequate funding is critical for FY 2009 and must be sustained in the years ahead. Without it, SSA’s service crisis will deepen at a time when our aging population is increasingly counting on Social Security programs. [From the Commissioner (see Social Security Budget link below to go to pdf file)
    Read this pdf, it appears that we spend 696 billion per year in old age insurance, have 9.7 billion (table 3) additional in other programs and over all one needs to do some serious computation to attempt to determine all of the budget estimates flowing out of the Social Security Laws.
    Social Security Budget
    Social Security Act Table of Contents
    Index to the compilation of Social Security Laws

    [3] VAWA (Violence against women Act)
    More information can be found here:
    [4] Values, misandry

    That poster was attached to Dallas Area Rapid Transit Buses, October 2008 and it sends the wrong message to our children, more information can be found here: or here or here

    mis•an•dry [mi sándree]
    hatred of men: hatred of men as a sexually defined group
    [Early 20th century. < Greek andr- "man," after misogyny]

    -mis•an•drist, noun

    Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    [5] Economy/ Federal Budget/ Corporate Leadership
    Economics of Child Support

    [1] "71% of Children Killed by One Parent are Killed by Their Mothers; 60% of Victims are Boys", Mark B. Rosenthal, July 23, 2008,
    [2] "Pure Male-On-Female Violence Accounts for Only 15% of Cases of Heterosexual Domestic Violence!” Mark B. Rosenthal, March 31, 2008,

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